Amazon & eBay Virtual Assistant Course


Amazon & eBay Virtual Assistant Course



About Amazon:

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces where we can purchase things online. Orders are delivered using common courier services worldwide. Amazon also sells its own line of technology products.

What we study in this course:

In this course, we will study Amazon and eBay. At Amazon, we study Product Hunting & Research, Product Sourcing, Product Launching, PPC, FBA, FBM, Jungle Scout, Helium 10 and Order Management, Client Case Studies and many more…

On eBay, We Learn About Account Creation on eBay. (How you can set up a new account on eBay.) We will also study Manual Product Hunting, Product Sourcing, Listing, FBM, Manage Tracking, Keyword Extraction, Account Handling A to Z and Customer Service, Client Case Studies and many more…

Free Freelancing Training:

In this course, we will give you free freelancing training so that after completing the course or during the course you can start earning by yourself. Our goal is to empower the youth so that they can earn online and start their own business. This course is very useful for you and helps you to sell your skills online.

Internship Opportunity:

After completing the course we will offer the internship to the students who perform well in the entire course and after that internship, we will give you a job or refer you to someone to hire you. Where you can get a good Salary.

Who Can Apply:

Anyone who has basic knowledge of computers and wants to earn money online can apply for this course.

Course Outline

Amazon Virtual Assistant Course Outline

✦ Amazon Introduction

✦ Product Hunting &-Research

✦ Product sourcing from Alibaba.

✦ Product Launching & Ranking

✦ Creating New Product Listing (Single/Variation)

✦ Creating PPC & Optimization

✦ Creating FBA Shipments plan

✦ Keywords Research

✦ Amazon tool & chrome Extension e.g. Helium 10,JS etc.

✦ Handling A to Z Account Management

✦.Order Management (FBM)

✦ Customer Service ( Answering Queries )

✦. Freelancing Platform (Up work, Fiverr)

✦. Lifetime Support.


eBay Virtual Assistant Course Outline

✦ eBay Introduction

✦ Ltd Creation

✦ eBay Account creation

✦ Manual Product Hunting Method

✦ Product Sourcing

✦ Listing Creation/Single or Variation

✦ Order fulfilled (FBM)

✦ Manage Tracking

✦ Keyword Extraction

✦ Account Handling A to Z

✦ Mange refund /Customer Support

✦ Customer Service ( Answering Queries )

✦ Internship offer

✦ Lifetime Support


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